Knights’ Director

The Knights’ Director is a past recipient of the Knights of St. Patrick award who, together with other members of the Engineering Council Executive Board, Saint Patrick, and the Selection Committee, organizes all logistics pertaining to the nomination and selection of the new class of Knights and planning of the Knights’ Ball. The Knights’ Director sits on the EC Executive Board and serves as an adviser for the Engineering Freshman Council.


1978-1979Jeff Schneider
1980-1981Karen Gallaher
1983-1984Keith Brandau
1986-1987Karen Paulsen
1987-1988Peter Hardin
1988-1989Elizabeth Baird
1989-1990Elaine Fiolka
1990-1991Dean Mentjes
1991-1992Jason Struthers
1992-1993Ralph Dimenna
1993-1994Matt Murphy
1994-1995Brad Whitmore
1995-1996Kevin Safford
1996-1997Curtis Bush
1997-1998Christopher George
1998-1999Carrie Philpott
1999-2000Chris Carroll
2000-2001Shane Ryoo
2001-2002Chris Carroll
2002-2003David Nickell
2003-2004Katharine Pfenning
2004-2005Kyle Cline
2005-2006Carolyn Tomchik
2006-2007Carolyn Tomchik
2007-2008Justin Lewis
2008-2009David Rockwood
2009-2010Katharine Nickell
2010-2011Marlo Goldstein
2011-2012Kim Heinecke
2012-2013Christopher Massie
2013-2014Savannah Goodman
2014-2015Nicholas Rivera-Neris
2015-2016Emily Matijevich
2016-2017Shanna Bobbins
2016-2017Mallory Schroeder
2017-2018Karla Rivero Valles
2018-2019Kevin Peralta
Abby Pakeltis
2019-2020Eliza Wright