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  • Tradition of Pranks

    In honor of the conflict between students and administration that surrounded the founding Knights class at the University of Missouri, Columbia, it is tradition for the UIUC Knights classes to pull pranks on the College and the University from the time they are announced at the first Engineering Council meeting of the Spring semester until they are knighted at the Knights of St. Patrick Ball.

    In the past, Knights' pranks have included dying the Boneyard Creek green, painting sidewalks, windows and buildings, burning "KSP" into the astroturf at the football stadium, turning the sculpture outside of Grainger into a giant pencil holder, and hanging giant banners on the Engineering campus. Every year, the Knights also publish their own version of "North of Green" , the student newsletter of the College of Engineering. Unsuspecting students who don't recognize the "Knights' edition" can often be found waiting in long lines at the Dean's office for textbook refunds, higher GPAs and permission to skip class.

    The Knights' pranks culminate with the decorating of the Dean's office (206 Engineering Hall) for the first day of Engineering Open House. The Knights pick a theme each year and spend the entire night pulling everything together before the deans and secretaries arrive Friday morning at 8 a.m. In the past, the office has been turned into a beach, a farm yard complete with live animals, a saloon, a Monopoly game, an enchanted castle, a disco haven, and Las Vegas casinos with blackjack tables and a dance club.

    Pranks Through The Years