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  • Golden Shamrock Award Winners

    The Golden Shamrock award is given to a staff member that supports the students of the College of Engineering, using the same criterion as used to define a Knight. The Golden Shamrock recipient should be an individual who has demonstrated leadership and service, contributed to the enhancement of student activities, and maintained a high level of character. Additionally, the Golden Shamrock recipient may be an individual who has acted as a mentor to one or more of the Knights-elect.

    Year Recipient
    2000 Kay Kappes
    2001 Charles A. Henderson
    2002 Greg O. Larson
    2003 Angie Dimit
    2003 Dianne Jeffers
    2004 Sheryle Carpenter
    2005 Jeffrey Farlow-Cornell
    2006 Cindy Brya
    2007 Jeffrey Sands
    2008 Sally M. Stillwell
    2009 Dana Tempel
    2010 Belinda Barnhart
    2011 Kathy Plunk
    2012 Lynnell Lacy
    2013 Jennifer Ehrnthaller
    2014 Karen Hyman
    2015 Andrea R. Wynn
    2016 Patricia Simpson
    2017 Melissa Biehl